A.M. Sambuelli

Chairman of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Section
Hospital de Gastroenterología Bonorino Udaondo
Buenos Aires - Argentina
E-mail: asambu@intramed.net.ar

   Dra Alicia Maria Sambuelli has been the Chairman of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Section of the Gastroenterology Hospital Bonorino Udaondo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) since 1990. This Section was created that year by initiative of the Chairman of the Clinical Department Dr Luis Boerr. In the last years the IBD Section has been functioning as a reference center of  IBD, with more than 1400 patients. More than 200 ileoanal pouches have been performed.

   Dra Sambuelli studied medicine in the Argentine Catholic University (UCA), Córdoba. She was certified as Gastroenterologist by the Argentine Society of Gastroenterology (SAGE) and performed her training as fellow in the already mentioned Gastroenterology Hospital, being after selected as Chief of Fellows. She worked for several years in the same Hospital in the Small Bowel Section and as chief of an in-patients sector, until the IBD Section was created. She was selected as member of the Argentine Society of Gastroenterology (SAGE) Governing Board for the 1994-95 period and as Member of the Governing Board of the Gastroenterology Post-Grade School of SAGE in the 1988-90 period. She has given numerous lectures in post-grade gastroenterologist courses (teaching in Post-grade School of SAGE, Argentine Society of Proctology and university gastroenterologist courses). In 1994 she obtained a scholarship to work in IBD genetic, which was directed by Professor A.S. Peña and  J.B.A. Crusius (Free University Hospital of Amsterdam).  She has been a member of AGA since 1997.

   Her great interest is the study of ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease and pouchitis. Her works have been published or presented in national and international congresses. She published book chapters about diverse malabsortion syndromes and about IBD. Some of the topics that she studied in IBD were prognostic factors of surgery in UC, influence of early age debut in prognosis of UC, alpha1-antitrypsin clearance in Crohn’s disease, LTB4 in pouchitis, fecal alpha-1 antitrypsin in pouchitis, ANCA in UC, inefficacy of alpha1- interferon in UC treatment, serum nitric oxide in UC, Measles Virus in Crohn’s disease, serum TGF-ß1 in UC, Serum TGF-ß1 in pouchitis, chromosome instability in IBD. In the last two years, in order to assess the characteristics of the Bonorino Udaondo Hospital IBD casuistry, she has conducted the creation of a computer software specific for IBD to record numerous protocolized data simultaneously with the patient attendance. At present she is recording retrospective and current data of 1400 IBD patients.

   The IBD group of the Gastroenterology Hospital Bonorino Udanodo is a team formed by other clinical gastroenterologists (Dr A. Gil, Dra S. Negreira, Dra G. Camartino, Dr S. Huernos, Dra A. Torres Lacal), colonosopists (Dr J. Valero, Dr I. Doldán, Dr A. Sautú, Dr O. González, Dr A. Rocca, Dr O. Blando, Dr A. Suárez), pathologists (Dra Z. Kogan, Dra A. Cavanne, Dr O. Romanelli), biochemists  (Dr D. Felstiner, Dr E. Sugay) and nutritionists (head: Dra Graciela Soiffer). She would like to mention the remarkable group of proctologist surgeons who have performed the already mentioned more than 200 ileoanal pouches in UC (Dr A. Graziano, Dr O. Bosisio, Dr M. Lumi, Dr U. Gualdrini, Dr J. Masciangelli, Dr A. Gutiérrez). The Chairman of the Clinical Department who created the group and works in the same subject is Dr Luis A.R. Boerr.


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